TEDxColombo was formed by a group of young individuals to help spread awareness and allow our leaders and thinkers to have a stage to make a difference and speak out their ideas. This group comes from varying backgrounds and varying age groups with the same goal in mind. We are here to show our people that we can only move forward at this time in our lives.

The theme of our TEDx event is “Ideas of our changing world”. Our audience will consist of 100 individuals of varying ages. Confirmed speakers include Thyagi Piyadasa (Research Assistant for Gender Violence, ICES), Dr. Mrs. Ajantha Perera (Director Housing, Ministry of Fisheries) and Rommel Arumugum ( Arts Director, Grants McCann Erickson).

Sri Lanka is going through a post war era and so it is important for the citizens of Sri Lanka to reconcile with our brothers and sisters of the north. TEDx would be a great way to share this idea which is something that TEDxColombo is very passionate about. Sri Lanka is a country with great potential for growth, but it is necessary for people to understand the problems faced so that we can take action. This TEDx Event gives us the ability to spread ideas which can make a difference so we can change the world on a more positive light.


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